Diamond Myths Debunked – By the Experts at HK

Posted by Hari Krishna

September 19, 2022

Diamonds are miraculous creations found in nature and hold significant value in terms of historical, cultural and financial worth.


The Greeks considered a diamond to be the king of the gems, and named it Adamas, meaning indestructible or invincible.


However, there are various myths about diamonds that have been circulated around over time and we are here to debunk all of them for you.


Presenting diamond myths busted!

Myth #1 – Diamonds are the Hardest Known Natural Substance


A recent discovery has revealed that there are two naturally occurring substances on Earth that are actually harder than even diamonds.


Experiments at Shanghai Jiao Tong University proved that the first, wurtzite boron nitride (w-BN), has a similar atomic structure to a natural diamond and proved to withstand 18x more stress when exposed to high external pressure.


The second, Lonsdaleite, is an extremely rare mineral found in meteors containing carbon hurtling towards the Earth. The impact of their crash with the surface results in pressures so high that it crystallizes the carbon and forms an atomic structure capable of withstanding 58x more stress than a natural diamond!

Myth #2 – Diamonds Cannot be Damaged


Now that you know diamonds are not the hardest known natural substance, it’s time to shed light on the myth that diamonds are indestructible.


Diamonds can very well be chipped and scratched if used harshly or carelessly. They can lose their shine if repeatedly exposed to oil, grease and intense sunlight.


Don’t be alarmed but stay alert.


Here’s a few tips to maintain your diamonds easily at home like a pro!

Myth #3 – Diamonds are Found Only on Earth


Diamonds are not exclusive to our home planet, because the conditions required to support their production are found to be abundantly available on the neighboring planets in our own solar system.


Uranus and Neptune are long thought of harboring a wide range of gemstones, but recently it has been discovered that lightning storms turn methane into carbon so it literally rains diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn

Myth #4 – Diamond Production is not Sustainable


Technological developments have steadily become a major part of the natural diamond mining industry. 


State of the Art machineries powered by Artificial Intelligence have made it possible to considerably reduce the carbon footprint of natural diamond mining by utilizing drone surveillance, highly accurate diamond mapping systems, geological tracking robots and more groundbreaking technologies.


Moreover, the Kimberley Process has effectively removed ‘blood diamondsfrom the global supply chain and today, more than 98% of the natural diamonds that you see in the market are totally conflict free, even supporting the upliftment of marginalized mining communities.

Myth #5 – When it comes to Diamonds, the Bigger the Better


Size does matter but not as much as the combination of the 4Cs when it comes to judging the quality and value of a natural diamond.


Smaller stones can be significantly more valuable if they are of the most ideal shape, cut , clarity and color. The allure of a diamond lies in its ability to reflect light in the most brilliant manner, which cannot be achieved by merely increasing the size of the stone.

Myth #6 – Clear White Diamonds are the Most Expensive


Colour is a defining feature of a natural diamond and contrary to popular belief, flawless white diamonds are not the most expensive ones.


These sparkling beauties are found in nature in every colour of the rainbow and the rarity of its natural colour determines its value, ie: the rarer the colour, the heftier the price.


Did you Know? 


The largest natural Red Diamond ever sold, weighing 5.11 carats, was bought for $8 million, at $1.6 million per carat!

Myth #7 – Diamonds are not Flexible


Diamonds are not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘flexible’.


But scientists have found a way to bend and stretch even the carbon champion of nature! Diamonds in nano needle form can be stretched up to 9%, way more than the industrial standard of 1%.


This discovery has even led to a medical breakthrough in cancer treatment technology in the form of delivering drugs into cancer cells. 

Myth#8 – Diamonds are Very Costly


Diamonds are subconsciously linked to being a mark of wealth and hence, automatically considered as very expensive artifacts.


As discussed, natural diamonds are flexible, but so are their prices – IF you know where to look. 😉


The key to this is buying your diamonds from an organization that directly sourcing their stones from leading mining companies.


So if you dream of owning an irresistible natural diamond at the right price…

We’re here to help!


Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd is the biggest natural diamond manufacturing company in India with a global presence in more than 81 countries around the world, we promise to give you the finest quality diamonds at the best market price.


We know that creativity, precise artistry, and expertise are the quintessential factors to convert a rough stone into a beautiful diamond.


It must have ideal proportions, symmetry of cut, and polish to get that dazzling appearance and most importantly, it must be priced at a rate fair to the customer.


Each Diamond we sell comes with an In-House ‘Faith’ grading certification along with the third-party certification from GIA, IGI​, HRD, GSI, GSL, NGTC​ upon request.


We are certified members of both Canada Mark and Forever mark.

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