Tips and Tricks to Care For Your Diamonds – Keep it clean and sparkling

Posted by Hari Krishna

November 16, 2022

Even though diamonds are the hardest known substance on Earth, it does require regular maintenance. Diamonds tend to lose their sparkling appeal over a period of time if not cared for properly. 


Given how expensive these rare stones are, you should have knowledge about how to maintain its luster. After all, these are special and sentimental purchases which should stay as good as new for years! 


Let’s understand how to easily care for your precious diamonds and keep them shiny and radiant. 

Handle the diamonds gently 

The less you touch the diamond, the better. Grease from your fingers can form a layer on it, making it appear dull.


Diamonds should not be worn when you are applying lotions, hairsprays and other chemical products. Apart from this, avoid wearing diamond jewelry  when you are doing your regular household chores to avoid dust and grease settling on it, 

Clean the diamonds regularly 

If you’re wondering how to clean diamonds, there are many easy ways to do it. You can clean it whenever you see your diamonds getting dull or for regular maintenance, you can clean your diamonds once a month. 


Here are the best and safest ways to clean your diamond rings, necklaces and jewelry 

Use Baking Soda 

Baking soda is a versatile ingredient that can be used outside of the kitchen for many purposes. To clean your diamonds, take 


1 cup of hot water and add ½ tablespoons of baking soda. 


Immerse your diamond jewelry in the solution for almost 10 minutes 


Rinse well and wipe it dry with a soft cotton towel. 

Wipe with a soft cloth 

If you wear the diamonds everyday, you can simply make it a habit to wipe it with a soft cotton cloth every 1 or 2 days. This will remove the oil, grease and dust that settles on it. 


Wiping regularly will avoid the cloudy look and will help maintain the sparkle. 

Professional Cleaning 

Another way to clean diamonds and diamond jewelry is by skipping the DIY and letting professionals handle it. Go to your nearest diamond jeweler or retailer and ask them for a professional diamond cleaning.  


This is a safe way of getting the job done. Plus, if you do not have time to maintain your diamonds and keep them clean, professionals can come to the rescue. 

Keep the diamonds sparkling 

Cleaning and shining your diamond are two different things. This brings us to the part where we advise you on how to keep diamonds sparkling. 


Soaking your diamond jewelry in a glass of club soda overnight gives it a sparkling shine the next day. Make sure you do not mix different jewelry with diamonds.


According to a claim in Reader’s Digest, you can soak diamonds in Vodka for 5 minutes and rinse with water to bring its shine back. 

Avoid exposure to high temperatures 

Do not expose the diamonds to direct sunlight for a long period of time. Ensure wherever you are storing the diamonds,  it is not exposed to high temperatures. 


It should not be anywhere near heat emitting items like microwaves, room heaters and so on. 

Store them carefully 

To maintain your diamonds, you need to store them carefully. It needs to be protected not only against theft but also against damage. Diamonds should not rub against other diamonds or gemstones. 


Actually they should not rub against anything harsh. Store each piece individually wrapped in a soft cloth. The best option is to have a fabric-lined jewelry case where each piece is stored separately and keep the box in a cool and dry place. 

We understand the value of brilliance! 

Being one of the best diamond manufacturers in India, Hari Krishna Exports understands the value of brilliance. We are passionate about the art and craftsmanship that goes in making and caring for diamonds. All our natural diamonds are ethically sourced and sustainably managed. 


To deliver quality to our customers, we have a standardized operating process based on ‘one person one diamond’ that ensures every diamond is subjected to the same quality treatment.


Each diamond we sell comes with an In-House ‘Faith’ grading certification along with the third-party certification from GIA, IGI​, HRD, GSI, GSL, NGTC​ upon request.


We have a global presence in over 81 countries and the trust of our customers has led us to being certified members of both Canada Mark and Forever mark.


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