The Importance of Ethical Diamonds for Your Business

Posted by Hari Krishna

September 12, 2022

If you are associated with the diamond industry, you have probably witnessed an increase in the buying and selling of ethical diamonds all over the world.

This begs the question as to…

What does ethical diamond mean?

In simple terms, the stones that have been mined in an environmentally responsible manner, whilst upholding human rights are called ethical diamonds.

Along with being more valuable for the end consumer (discussed ahead in the blog), these diamonds are most importantly, totally conflict free. 

The people involved in every different aspect of the diamond industry’s supply chain are steadily increasing their efforts to circulate only 100% conflict free diamonds in the market. 

This  leads one to wonder…

Why are ethical diamonds better?

When all necessary social duties are upheld during the mining process, the burden on both the surrounding environment and the marginalized mining communities is reduced.

The Importance of Ethical Diamonds for Your Business

1. They Protect your Business Interests

YES. They absolutely do!

Here’s how… 

Increased Traceability = Increased Accountability 

The traceability of a diamond refers to the ability to source its origin back to the mine where it has been procured from. You will find that a conflict free diamond will always have a unique Identification Code that is meant solely for this purpose.

Traceability increases accountability across the entire supply chain. From the miners to the end consumers, everyone involved in the operation upholds the collective responsibility to trade only 100% conflict free diamonds.

Moreover, you can easily acquire a high quality diamond when it has been mined ethically by a reputed company.  

Conflict Free Diamonds satisfy Consumer Consciousness

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the social and environmental impacts of diamond mining. 

Fronted by various non profit organizations, there has been a revolutionary public movement against blood diamonds. This is why, apart from a high quality diamond, consumers also demand the certification of it being 100% conflict free.

In a market where your customers will purchase only ethically sourced diamonds, it is only practical to maintain your inventory of these diamonds. 

Granting An Emotional Edge to your Products

The chances of selling your diamond studded jewelry to customers increases when they are aware of the social and environmental good that these stones will do.

Depicting a detailed journey of the diamond and the positive effects it has had on marginalized communities (healthcare, infrastructure, education) in and around the mines adds an emotional quotient to your product; and diamond jewellery purchases are generally emotional purchases.

Put two and two together and stock up your inventory of ethically sourced diamonds at excellent prices now! 

2. Ethical diamonds Promote Social Interests


Let us explain how…

Ensures Community Welfare

Ethically sourced diamonds come with the guarantee that the miners and surrounding communities of workers have not been exploited for personal gain.

These diamonds have certificates that act as proof of respecting the human rights of miners. They are also catalysts for a positive change in rural communities.

For instance, in Botswana, mining operations have given rise to advanced healthcare, employment opportunities and educational institutions in the underdeveloped regions.

Women empowerment has been given a chance to grow as education becomes a normality for young girls irrespective of their financial situations.

Instrumental in Protecting the Environment

Thousands of tons of the soil is unearthed and blemished by employing heavy machinery that exert pollutants into the surrounding environment. 

Ethical diamonds are mined using cutting edge technologies that prevent the unnecessary removal of the Earth’s mantle ; some of which are:

⟐ 3D Imaging Technology: Laser scanning enables the detection of dig sites with a high concentration of rough diamonds.

⟐ Drone Technology: Aerial surveillance improves the efficiency with which mines are dug up to extract diamonds.

⟐ Robotics: Remote control load haul dump vehicles powered by Artificial Intelligence eradicate the need for humans to enter hazardous dig sites and electric drills reduce the pollutants released into the environment.

Driving the Kimberley Process Forward

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) is a commitment to remove conflict diamonds from the global supply chain.


Where to buy conflict-free diamonds? 

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