Are Natural Diamonds Worth Your Money?

Posted by Hari Krishna

February 6, 2023

Natural diamonds are quite the investment. Especially if you purchase diamonds that are certified from reputable labs like GIA and IGI. Plus there are so many alternatives available to natural diamonds and they look identical. And if they look identical, why are they priced differently? 


The thing is, nothing comes close to the value of a natural diamond that was created without any interference and by nature’s perfect design. 


Their timeless appeal is one of the key reasons why it will always remain worth your money. 


Let’s explore this in detail. 

Why are natural diamonds expensive? 

The two main reasons behind this are: 


  • • Time taken for the natural formation of a rough diamond. 
  • • Long and detailed value chain 


We know that diamonds are formed over millions and billions of years. They are found only in select locations around the world. It’s not like you can start digging your backyard and fetch natural diamonds. (Even if you dig deep enough with the best machinery)


Value chain in a nutshell 


  • • The process begins with exploration- where different locations are assessed for the possibility of diamonds and the potential for mining. 

  • • Only a few of the mined rough diamonds are good enough for manufacturing and are later sorted and sold through various channels. 

  • • The rough diamonds will now go through a number of steps before it is ready for retail. 


All these factors determine the final value of a diamond. Every cut and inclusion is taken into consideration and also the source of the diamond. 


Read our detailed blog here which explains the journey of a diamond from mines to the market. 



Diamonds are an investor’s best friend


Unlike other investments, diamonds do not come with maintenance overheads. It is as good as cash in hand and the market value of diamonds ensures that your money is safe and has potential to yield good returns.



Diamond price index for the last 2 years. (Source)


The sentimental value is unmatched 


Keeping the technicality aside, diamonds are valuable for the sentimental value they provide. 

Even though there are alternatives to a natural diamond, they don’t feel the same. 


Consider this- You want to buy a diamond to mark a special occasion in your life. Doesn’t it make more sense to go for the real deal? 



Diamonds are passed down from generation to generation and hold great emotional value. They remain as good as new virtually forever.


Natural Diamonds support local economies 


What an end customer purchases from a retail store was probably manufactured in another city or state. Maybe the diamond was sourced from a mine in Botswana. The certification was from a lab in America and so on. 



Cutting and polishing diamonds is a job that employs local craftsmen and artisans who would have found it difficult to find livelihood in a white collar job. Mine workers depend on this source of income. 


Natural Diamonds are traceable and sustainable 


Modern technology has made it possible for every customer to know where a diamond comes from and if it was mined ethically. It is also the responsibility of a customer to choose the right diamond. 


It is possible for natural diamonds to be sustainable as well. The manufacturing has to be handled responsibly. Being conscious about the planet is a choice. It cannot be achieved unless social and environmental actions are part of our everyday life. 


We can enjoy the best of nature without being exploitative. Read more about what it means to be a conscious luxury brand.



Sustainability is part of our legacy at HK 


Being one of the best diamond manufacturers in India, Hari Krishna Exports has prioritized environmental and humanitarian causes. 


Our diamonds are made with utmost care and attention. Each Diamond we sell comes with an In-House ‘Faith’ grading certification along with the third-party certification from GIA, IGI​, HRD, GSI, GSL, NGTC​ upon request.


We are certified members of both Canada Mark and Forever mark.


Our diamond buying app available on Android and iOS, lets you purchase loose and wholesale diamonds from anywhere in the world. You can explore our inventory of 9+ shapes, in D to F clarity ranging from 0.18 cts to 50+ cts. 


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