What does conscious luxury mean in the natural diamond industry?

Posted by Hari Krishna

November 23, 2022

In this era of social responsibility, luxury and sustainability have a common future. The two concepts go hand in hand. 


Conscious luxury is based on the idea that we can enjoy the best of what nature has to offer in a sustainable way. Luxury does not have to be exploitative and treating yourself should not come at a heavy cost of the environment. 


Luxury products and brands are defined by their quality and craftsmanship and we believe it is time that they are known for their consciousness as well. 


The value of being sustainable about our sourcing, processing and delivery of diamonds is something deep rooted in our everyday practices at HK. 


Hari Krishna Exports being the top diamond manufacturer in India, understands the value of conscious consumption. We have to give back more than we take from nature and take action to restore, repair and minimize the damage caused. 


This blog explains all the ways that HK is committed to the cause of sustainability and what it means to be a conscious luxury brand in the natural diamond industry. 


Ethical Sourcing 

Sourcing a diamond refers to the mining and procurement of rough diamonds. At HK, we are committed to working only with those companies that share our values around human rights and environmental responsibility. 


The safety of workers and the sustainable sourcing of diamonds matters a lot to us. We also do an annual report on our ethical sourcing to ensure that the right people are accountable and so that we can be transparent about our practices. 


Environmental Sustainability 

Our natural diamonds are sourced in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

CSR is a way of life in HK. It is not a separate charity arm, instead a part of our identity as a company. 


Hari Krishna Exports has actively worked to contribute to causes related to the health of our planet. We know that our lives depend on having a thriving natural environment and HK has carried out various initiatives to support the cause. 


We have planted over 25 lac long-lived trees, installed solar power plants to support our manufacturing needs, created over 100 lakes in rural parts of India and carry out a multitude of campaigns that raise awareness and directly contribute to the health and sustenance of our environment. 



Our Founder Mr. Savji Dholakia personally involved in the Mission 100 Sarovar Campaign 


Health and Safety

Producing and operating consciously also requires having a safe working environment.


At Hari Krishna Exports we seek to substitute materials that are known to cause an adverse impact on the health of our workers or consumers. 


Our offices are made in regard with the highest safety standards. HK offices are also home to lush greenery and everything has been made keeping safety and sustainability in mind.


Fair Pricing Policies 

Another challenge that the natural diamond industry faces in the path to becoming ethically conscious, is to keep the pricing fair and balanced throughout the entire chain. 


Hari Krishna Exports introduced the path-breaking Fair and Fixed Price Policy in 2007 to eliminate the system of bargaining and save valuable time of our customers.


Fair prices also serve as an encouragement to our employees who work tirelessly to produce the best quality diamonds. 


Employee Welfare 

Having a conscious luxury brand in the natural diamond industry also means that the employees who work in the company feel valued, respected and be taken care of.


The HK employee family is a 8000+ member strong family that shares the same ethics and passion of diamond making. They are treated like they make a difference- and they do. 


Annual health-check ups, education support for children, unique reward systems, pilgrimage trips for parents, travel allowance are some of the many benefits any HK employee has.


These incentives are a gesture of gratitude for their work and contribution.



Skill India Incentive Ceremony held at HK Hub  


Sustainability for us means shared growth. Growing with the environment, our employees, customers and the entire community. We do things with a consciousness that our actions impact others and in order to truly thrive, we must know how to help others thrive. 


It is important to note that conscious luxury as a concept also means that customers who have the liberty to choose from various brands, support ethical brands. Especially in the natural diamond industry, choosing right is important. 


Hari Krishna Exports has been a conscious luxury leader in the industry 

Ever since the beginning, social work has been as important to us as our diamonds. 

Working towards environmental and societal welfare are causes really close to our heart. The motto that drives all our endeavors is – You can only receive as much as you share. 


Forever inspired by the work and ideologies of our founders, we are proud to say that our business practices are meant to spread happiness and uplift lives. 


Our diamonds have always been and will continue to be ethically sourced and responsibly managed. 


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