How to Buy Diamonds Online? Everything Explained

Posted by Hari Krishna

December 5, 2022


It feels like it was ages ago when we used to think of shopping as an activity only meant to be done outdoors and which involved going shop to shop looking for the things you want to buy. 


But in the last decade or so, the whole idea of shopping has changed and now it can be done from the comfort of your home. In fact you get to browse through a wider variety of products in comparison to what was available in a brick and mortar store inventory. 


Combine that with the increasingly hectic lives of the average consumer, looking for comfort on the back of a higher disposable income, you get the perfect ground for e-commerce. 


From your usual day to day items, to luxury items such as diamonds, gems or jewelry- everything is available on your fingertips and customers are ready to buy! 


The only difference is, you want to make an informed decision when you are buying diamonds online. It is not your usual day to day item that you shop for impulsively. Diamonds are high-value products that you cannot go wrong with. 


This blog explores the topic of online diamond buying and our intention is to help you make the right diamond purchase. Your key takeaways will be: 


  • • Make online diamond buying simple for you 
  • • Fully understand what online diamond buying involves 
  • • How to do it
  • • What to look for when buying diamonds online 


What has fueled the online purchase of diamonds? 


One would wonder, how can someone buy something as precious, expensive and sentimental like a diamond without the touch and feel factor? 


An average consumer might have reservations even about buying a chair online. Would it be solid? Would it have a proper finish? Would it come with the warranty card?


So how and why is the rise in online diamond buying so rampant and why are diamond businesses heavily focused on creating a better experience for online buyers?


Simply put, the reasons are- communication, accessibility, rising demand and effectiveness. A good online platform for buying diamonds facilitates all this for a diamond company. 


On the other hand, the rise in demand for online purchasing can be credited to the following reasons: 


  • • There are more options available when you purchase diamonds online. There is a good chance that you can compare two different vendors at the same time, and eventually shortlist one that matches your requirements. 

  • • Buying diamonds online also gives you access to wholesale diamonds and reduces the cost involved in overheads such as travel, accommodation, in-person consultations, etc.

  • • Buying online is not risky if you can trust the brand you are making the purchase from. In this day and age, the top diamond manufacturers have improved technology and masterful management of their online business arms. Customers can trust the process and the product if they are sure about the company behind the online platform.


However, many people are still wary of purchasing diamonds online. There is the obvious worry of not receiving a genuine piece, and many other reservations around purchasing a diamond via websites and apps.


Why Do People Avoid Purchasing Diamonds Online?


Some common reasons that discourage buyers are 


  • • The quality certificate and the quality of the diamonds may not match. 


  • • The seller may not be able to offer the paperwork and documentation online, thus causing more hassles. This could be because they are not pro-online and have not yet established themselves properly.


Apart from this, shipping and delivery related issues are considered risky, which is why most people don’t purchase online. What if you pay for the diamond but don’t receive it or deliver it to someone else?


Now, if you want to avoid the risk and make your purchase hassle-free, we can help you with that. Having spent a long time in this industry, we have moved online with selling and guaranteeing quality diamonds. We have understood the pulse of the customer and the way to sell these precious stones online. 


Let’s go through them. 


Things to Consider When You Purchase Diamonds Online




There are various types of shapes ranging from round, oval to heart, pear, and cushion. The idea is to choose a shape that suits your requirement. For instance, the jewelry you have in mind for your store might require a specific type of diamond shape. 




The color of the diamond can be judged by the amount of yellow in the stone. It can also indicate the amount of brown or gray within the stone. In some cases, people prefer colorless diamonds as they have more spark.




The type and the number of inclusions within the diamond tend to determine the clarity of the stone. Flawless diamonds don’t contain additions, which make them expensive. The price of the diamond is also based on clarity and inclusions.




The perfectly cut diamond will elevate the purity and spark of the diamond and retain its original value. 


There are four scales to measure  the cut of the diamond- 


• Excellent cut

• Very good cut

  • • Good cut
  • • Fair cut 
  • • Poor cut 




The standard weight of the diamond, which is carat, is also an essential factor that you cannot ignore when buying diamonds. This will also influence the price of the diamond.




Probably the most important part of purchasing a diamond online are the certificates that attached to it. Go for third-party certifications like GIA or self-certified diamonds from big and reputed brands. 


If you are looking to understand everything about diamond certifications in detail, you can read our dedicated blog




Once you know what to look for when you make your online diamond purchase, you need the perfect app to buy diamonds online  and go through a few steps to get it delivered to your doorstep. 


Step-By-Step Guide to Purchasing Diamonds Online


Step 1: Log in to the Mobile App


If you have already downloaded our app, which is available on Android and iOS, the next step is to sign up or log in with your details that are kept highly confidential and are safe with us. 


Onboard with the required information and you get to explore the world of diamonds through our lens, discover the latest designs and shapes in diamonds and so much more exciting content which awaits you a few clicks away. 


Step 2: Connect with the BDM 


You can use the mobile app to connect with our team or the sales representative. In case you are already associated with HK and you know your relationship manager or business development manager, you can also connect with them using the app. 


They will assist you on your purchase and ensure you get exactly what you are looking for and that everything meets your requirements. 


Step 3: Ask Relevant Questions 


You need to ask relevant questions to your BDM if you are unable to find a diamond that suits your purpose. If you can find them yourself, you can check the inventory and our recommendations using the mobile app. 


We have listed the entire detail of the diamond on the mobile app. you can even share the details as well as the certification and other essential aspects with your people. The mobile app sharing has been introduced to make sharing and discussing instant and decision making real-time


Step 4: Documentation and Paperwork 


We only request your business and individual details at the time of registration. We do not need any additional paperwork. Once you order diamonds at the HK website/app, you will receive an email of confirmation, and you are done. We will perform a detailed KYC at the time of registration, which sums up the paperwork. This is for the first time registrations only. 


Step 5: Get the Diamond and Check It 


We deliver diamonds with the help of  our trusted delivery partners.  We make sure that the diamond reaches you safely and on-time.  Along with diamonds, we render the necessary certification, which makes it easier for you to check the diamonds.


One-stop online platform for certified wholesale and loose diamonds


Purchasing diamonds online can be an effortless and extraordinary experience. Most of our customers love the platform because of its features and comprehensive analysis. The most important thing in HK is to serve our customers and put their requirements first. 


Our app is made with expertise and understanding of all what we have learnt over the 30+ years we have been in the diamond industry and this truly makes us stand out. 


Enter into the world of sparkling diamonds by registering yourself on or downloading the leading-edge app available on multiple platforms including Android and iOS which is quite literally the best place to buy diamonds online 



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