Hari Krishna Exports participates at IIJS Premiere 2021! Find what’s new at India’s Biggest Flagship Diamond Trade Show

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September 17, 2021

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The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council(GJEPC) announced the 37th edition of IIJS premiere 2021 in Bengaluru from 15th– 19th September. An event of this magnitude needed a great venue, so GJEPC must be glad that the Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) stepped up to help them organize it well. 

However, there are many first times happening at the India International Jewellery Show 2021. Like, this is the first time that the GJEPC’s flagship diamond trade show is being held out of Mumbai. Why? 

Well, the reason is quite obvious due to the physical constraints in Mumbai; Maharashtra is on a lockdown because of the Covid-19 extreme uprising and venue constraints.

At the same time, this is the first time since the onset of the pandemic that the IIJS premiere 2021 is being held in the physical form.

Since we all know, certain conventional business methods are always preferable as they help the industry recover more quickly. 

Sailesh Sangani, convener, exhibitions, GJEPC says, the Karnataka Govt. was quick to offer all the approvals, ensuring all the protocols, guidelines, and policies. The management at the IIJS made sure the guidelines are being adhered to.  

Also, any practices against the rules will be handled by the Central Industrial Security Force(CISF), which has always been part of the security for the IIJS trade exhibition.

IIJS being a Diamond Trade Exhibition brings us to the point of security and the level at which it will be maintained. So, just to let you know, the CISF already completed the initial recce visit of the location in August.

Following all the Covid-19 protocol, the shifting of the venue has not affected the participants’ zeal. 

Yes! It is true. Because numbers do not lie, which is evident from the fact that the IIJS received applications from 1275 companies for 2444 stalls. 

IIJS premiere is witnessing the Diamond industry’s biggest gathering of domestic and international buyers. Being India’s biggest B2B gems and jewellery exhibition, it provides Diamond manufacturers in India with the major platform for networking with retailers that allow both sectors to gather knowledge and trends in product design.

The trade exhibition at BEIC will be a herculean opportunity for growth and accelerating business. Among the top 5 gem and jewellery shows happening globally, the 37th edition of  IIJS Premiere 2021 will provide a shot to connect directly with more than 1300+ jewellery manufacturers and exhibitors from across India. 

Just to give you a little insight – more than 2500+ booths, 30000+ trade visitors, 5 exhibition halls with separate areas for registration and inaugurations, and people from across 800+ cities in India, the whole IIJS trade show is spread in 77200+ square meters is held from 15th– 19th September 2021, up and running successfully in the present time. 

It’s not just the domestic footfall, but it also hosts the largest domestic and international buyers industry meeting. The exhibition will include diverse gems customized to fulfill the highest design and finishing standards. 

“For the promotion purpose a series of roadshows were organized  for IIJS Premiere in major cities including Mumbai, Cochin, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Lucknow, and Kolkata.”

By generating a hugely positive response, the trade exhibition will be able to guide us in understanding the prospective client’s roadmap, and at the same time, getting responsive evaluation will be a cherry on the cake. 

GJEPC’s IIJS premiere 2021 has taken a comeback from the virtual existence into a physical trade expo since the pandemic. 

The Govt. of Karnataka made sure all the COVID19 protocols are being followed to provide safety. Every participant in the event will have to respect the Karnataka Govt. standards of covid procedures securely. The Certificate of one dose of vaccination is essential for the partially vaccinated participants along with their RT-PCR (48 hours) report while the RT-PCR test is not required for fully vaccinated participants.

IIJS premiere 2021, at BIEC, Bengaluru, is also a multi-layered India’s biggest trade exhibition. As a subject of quality assurance, expectations will always be met with great spirit. All Diamond Manufacturers and Jewellery brand owners will control the supply, and the services supplied and ensure compliance at all required points.

Documentation of authenticity will be provided with every sale. For example- Hari Krishna Exports Private Limited as a proud participant, will be provided with in-house faith certification and certification by third parties GIA, GSI, NGTC, IGI, etc.

So have no doubt you will only experience excellence at the show!

Encounter Extravagance at IIJS premiere 2021 with Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Yes! Yes! And a big YES! 

Just as we are talking about the largest diamond trade expo in India, our representative team from HK is sitting at the booth at  IIJS 2021, welcoming some best Diamond retailers from all over India. 

HK being one of the Top Diamond Companies in India is embellishing the IIJS premiere 2021 with its full might as we have received an overwhelming response with a huge number of visitors visiting our booth at the event. 

As it is India’s biggest gems and jewellery exhibition, it is a plethora of opportunities for HK to build healthy business relationships. 

We will capitalize on the opportunity. I mean, just look at the numbers! Focusing on the investments IIJS 2021 trade expo will be a point of contact for erudition. 




The HK representatives are fully vaccinated before the event at IIJS 2021, and we will comply with the new criteria for post-pandemic diseases set by the Government of Karnataka. Every life is as valuable as these diamonds. 

With our generous collection of Kisna Jewellery – Nova, RITI, Utsav, Erica, Tanishta, and Aranka, which are available from casual to daily wear, floral to fashion, Mens & Women’s exclusive collection, couples fashion, etc. 

The variety ranging from earrings, bracelets, necklaces, nosepins, pendants, and rings gives some more reasons to visit the booth and purchase them 

Visiting H.K Jewels- KISNA jewellery will be your one-stop-shop. 

Find H.K Jewels- KISNA Jewellery at IIJS premiere 2021 here,


  • Booth No: 5Y020 | 5Y140
  • Venue: Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre(BIEC), Hall #5
  • Date: 15th-19th September, 2021

This B2B Jewellery Show is unequivocally breathing a sense of existence into the pent-up market once again post-Covid, and capacitates the Indian diamond B2B market with cohesiveness.


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