How HK went one step above the traditional concept of conflict free diamonds?

Posted by Hari Krishna

September 25, 2020

If you are keen to the diamond or affiliated industry then you must have heard words like conflict diamonds/blood diamonds/conflict free diamonds/non conflict diamonds/ethically sourced diamonds/ethical diamonds/Kimberley diamonds and many more.


Have you ever wondered what these words mean or the particular diamond are categorized as conflict diamond or conflict free diamond? Well, let’s see.

How does the concept of conflict free diamonds emerge and what does it mean?

Before we heed to conflict free diamonds, it’s important to get the idea of conflict diamonds aka blood diamonds.


Conflict diamonds are a term used for illegally sold diamonds to fund war/conflict/terror, as described by the World Diamond Council (WDC).

These diamonds tend to originate in war-torn areas in central and western Africa, but through illegal trade, they could end up being sold anywhere in the world.


This brutality of the conflict brought the conflict diamonds into the spotlight and the whole world united against this activity.


The United Nations then pushed to put an end to producing conflict diamonds for once and all. Then the concept of conflict free diamonds emerged.


The conflict free diamonds are ethically mined and sold and have no connections to war/conflict/terror. Today, in many countries of the world, it is illegal to trade in conflict diamonds.


This initiative of encouraging conflict free diamonds is called the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) popularly known as Kimberley Process. Let’s understand it in detail.

The Kimberley Process and how it ensures that the diamonds are conflict free?

The Kimberley system requires participating countries to closely track and scrutinize the journey (from mines to market) of all diamonds coming to their countries.


Each shipment of incoming diamonds should have a Kimberley Process Certificate as proof to ensure that the diamonds are conflict free.


Apart from this, the diamond industry has also established a System of Warranties for customers to reassure that the diamonds they are purchasing are guaranteed conflict free.


The System of Warranties is nothing but an exchange of invoice for diamond sale at each stage of the supply chain with a written guarantee of delivering conflict-free diamonds in compliance with United Nations resolutions.


Any diamond retailer in the world who chooses to participate in the Kimberley Process should commit to never work with unknown suppliers and never do business with those who are originated/associated/indulged in areas of conflict diamonds.


Currently, thousands of retailers from 75 countries in the world are participants of the Kimberley Process and pledged to remain conflict free.


Speaking of which, we are proud to state that HK is also a part of the Kimberley Process. As diamonds might be valuable, but nothing is more valuable than establishing the world free from wars, crimes, and terror.

How does HK go beyond the traditional idea of conflict free diamonds?

As we have mentioned, Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. is fully committed to complying with all the requirements specified in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and System of Warranties.


That is not enough at HK, as we went one step further in the idea of conflict free diamonds and developed the idea of ethical diamonds.


Wondering what ethical diamonds are when it comes to natural diamonds? Well, let us explain.


So in addition to comply with all the norms stated in the Kimberley Process and System of Warranties, HK additionally works at maintaining moral and ethical value in diamond manufacturing. Such as:

Zero-tolerance Policy against Money Laundering or Terror Financing:

We recognize the fact that many entities in the diamond industry have to take on the onus of analyzing their potential vulnerabilities to money laundering and implement certain policies to safeguard themselves against abuse and threats by criminals.


But HK has a strict Zero-tolerance policy against money-laundering or terror financing. As we ensure all the KYC norms of the customer before we do any transactions. Also, we maintain records of all the small details of any minor transactions with customers.

Health and Safety:

HK works towards developing a sustainable, value-creating business and is committed to eliminating any source of health and safety risks in any of its processes/operations which puts the lives of HK people at danger on an immediate basis.

Human Rights Protection:

As per the Factory Act and RJC COP, it is mandatory to protect the human rights of all the people working in the company, and we follow them strictly. 


HK closely monitors that the human rights of each person at HK should be protected and violations of such causes adequate strict actions.


Any form of discrimination, harassment, abuse in any business facilities or practices based on any lawful grounds including the practice of forced labor is strictly not practiced in the company and strongly discouraged by the Company. Any reported incident of such puts the responsible person under strict actions.

HK – Faith is in the Name

HK stands on the cornerstones of Faith, Excellence, Integrity, and Trust which are embedded so well in our culture that they reflect in all our facilities, products, people, policies & practices, and relations.


We believe that in this highly-competitive world, where even technology gets outdated in seconds after it is developed, our values are perpetually in place at Hari Krishna Exports and that’s what makes us relevant in any period of time. 


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