Know the meaning and symbolism attached to the April birthstone – DIAMOND

Posted by Hari Krishna

March 5, 2021

We all have heard of the word birthstone very often. Birthstone means the gemstone attached to each month in the Georgian calendar that people associate with their birth month.


Most people believe that wearing a birthstone brings good luck and happiness to their life. Also, they give these birthstones embedded jewellery as a gift to their loved ones.


Whether you believe in this concept of birthstones relies entirely on your faith. However, it never hurts to have a beautiful gemstone in your luxurious collection with a symbolic meaning. Does it?


So, let us take a look at how this concept of birthstones got life.

A brief history of birthstones

There are many speculations around when and how the concept of birthstone emerged. Some date back to biblical times when the gemstones were associated with the 12 Zodiac sun signs.


Astrologers corresponded to the gemstones whose unique represent/symbolism matches the particular sun sign traits believing that wearing such stone can protect the wearer from all harm.


By analyzing the Zodiac signs, astrologers conclude that the diamond gemstone perfectly resembles the sun sign Aries characteristics.


However, in 1912, the American National Association of Jewellers designed a list dedicating different gemstones for all twelve months.


Well, once thought to be a controversial belief is now widely accepted as the official birthstone list. In this birthstone list, a diamond is referred to as the birthstone of April.


According to the Georgian calendar, those born from March 21 to April 20 fall under the Aries sun sign. In both ways, a diamond became the April Birthstone.


You can see the story of a diamond born as the April birthstone is as rich and multifaceted as a diamond itself. However, there is more to this story, its attached meaning & symbolism.


So, let us see it:

Meaning of the diamond as the April birthstone

Aries – the first sun sign in the Zodiac like the head of the pack. Both the Aries-born and their birthstone shine their brilliant light on the rest of the Zodiac.


If we talk about their characteristics, diamonds form under intense force and pressure for millions of years. But when they come out, they become rarest, sturdy, glowing, and unbreakable gemstones.


This ability to survive the odds and come out stronger and beautiful of diamonds exactly describes the April-born people.


A diamond is the hardest known material on the earth, and people with the diamond birthstone are renowned headstrong. They always go by their instinct. Once started, they do not stop till they get.


Merely like a diamond cut diamond to shine brighter, the April-born always got some unbelievable goal to achieve, and they persevere for it against all kinds of odds, even if the whole world is up.


Not least of all, their achievements sparkle bright like a diamond! What a wonderful gift April-born people have of such a scintillating and desirable gemstone represents them.


The April-born people are an analogy of the living diamonds! Let us take a look at the symbolism attached to the April birthstone – diamond.

The symbolism attached to the April birthstone

Do you know, carbon is the foundation of all living beings on the earth? And the diamond is composed of pure carbon that bore immense pressure under the earth-surface for billions of years.


This birth story of a diamond symbolizes the stimulation of our energy. It inspires us to enhance our inner vision and open our minds to new things, even if they seem impossible.


The unmatched sparkle and translucent appearance symbolizes the importance of purity and honor in our lives and reflects many of the prized virtues within us.


The fact that nothing can cut or shape a diamond, except the diamond itself, shows its power. No wonder, traditionally, diamonds were a symbol of courage, confidence, and strength.


Today, its durability and strength make diamonds the perfect gift for loved ones, symbolizing eternal commitment and unbroken relations between them.


Despite being (near) colorless, diamonds are famous as crystals of light/stones of illuminations. The reason is the dispersion of white light through the diamond.


This spectrum of light flashing out as prisms of light from a diamond shows the accuracy and excellence in craftsmanship, making diamonds a symbol of perfection.


Hence, as a manifesting stone, the diamond can be called a stone of invincibility. One of the rarest and precious gemstones, the diamond symbolizes sensuality, allure, and romance.


It is also known as the Forever Stone, symbolizing eternity. No wonder people with diamond birthstones feel more empowered and committed in their life!

Hey you, April-born, wear your birthstone with pride!

Being the April birthstone, the diamond is referred to as the King of all Birthstones. The priceless and breathtaking sparkle of diamonds will never go out of style.


However, we feel diamonds have the power to bring resilience and invincibility to your life and add sparkle to your looks, no matter when you were born.


They say that the rainbow is confined in a diamond forever. It only takes expert eyes with an excellent skill set to bring it out.


We must tell you that we see that rainbow every single day. Our 8000+ brilliant gems bring that fiery beauty of rainbow out into every HK Diamond.


[Disclaimer: This blog is written for high jinks purposes. HK is not supporting or promoting any particular belief system through this article. All the details in this blog are taken from various sources on the internet. Also, our business has nothing to with the information shared in this article.]


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