How the 360° diamond Video feature in the website/app helps you in buying diamonds online?

Posted by Hari Krishna

October 8, 2020

Before purchasing diamonds, it is paramount to verify and compare them with nearly similar quality grade diamonds. But it is a very difficult in case of buying diamonds online.


Unless High-definition light performance images or videos are provided with suitable gemological data as it will help you to get a clear understanding of the diamond’s quality with appearance.


You must be wondering, we can check the grading certificate of the diamond to verify its quality. Well, it’s undeniably true.


But the diamond certificate can only grade & map the inclusions of a diamond. It cannot convey how those inclusions will impact the appearance and value of the stone.


Instead, the diamond certificate with the high-definition 360-degree video of the same diamond clears all the uncertainty, and one can buy the diamond with confidence.


Speaking of which, HK also provides the 360-degree HD diamond visualization feature on both the website/app to search diamonds with a corresponding magnified HD video and image. Utilize this feature by registering yourself on

How can this tool help you search the perfect diamonds for you?

As we mentioned, 360° diamond video in higher resolution in addition to the HD images, has effectively leveled up the online diamond purchase experience on Let’s see how:

Clear and Detailed view of the diamond:

Our 360-degree diamond visualization tool enables users to view the sparkle and inspect the diamond from all angles, which makes it easy to decide whether the particular diamond is perfectly fitting into your preferences or not.

Zooming-in & Pausing options:

You can pause the movement of the 360° diamond video on with the zoom in/out option to view the clear picture of the diamond as well as its grading certificate.


These two features are very crucial in the online diamond purchase as one can confirm the cut-grade, brilliance, fire, scintillation, visible imperfections, depth of color of the diamond.

Secure, Transparent, and Convenient Purchase Experience:

HK is always well-known for reinventing itself with the latest technology to provide greater security, transparency, convenience, and economical advantage to the consumer in the diamond industry.


Through the leading-edge app, our customers can easily search and buy diamonds as per their preferences from our sparkling collection of diamonds in the comfort of their homes.


Further, the 360° feature is mobile-friendly, meaning you can choose your diamond on your smartphone or tablet.


As we all know, diamond shopping is always about the experience. But sometimes we avoid online purchases due to the lack of touch-and-feel. So in, we have tried to restore that experience through our 360-degree diamond videos, customers can interact with products.

Radiant customer confidence:

Through the incorporation of a 360° diamond video in, HK aims to empower its customers by transferring control of view diamond to them.


Our customers can design their shopping experience on their own by viewing the diamond from all the angles. Also, we don’t hide any inclusion detail from them even if it is difficult to examine. – Higher standards of Commitment and Service

Ultra HD resolution diamond videos in 360- degree rotation with a zooming facility, showcasing all the inclusions and specifications of the diamonds displayed in the inventory differentiated HK from the other online diamond stores in the market.


Like a true innovator, with transparency and excellence, HK has recorded the online diamond sales of approximately 34% of our total sales.


You can browse through our exclusive collection of diamonds in Brilliant Round Cut and more than 9 different Fancy Shapes, ranging from 0.30 to 50 carats plus in size with FL to I3 clarity and D to M Color by signing up on the website or by downloading the app available on both Android and iOS platforms.


Every diamond at is supported with an in-house ‘Faith certificate’ along with third-party certifications from GIA, IGI, HRD, GSI, GSL, and NGTC upon request. Our diamonds are exported to over 80+ countries, including the USA, Europe, and the Far East, and Australia.


A glimpse of our sparkling collections: Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. – YouTube


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