The secret behind our 80% of customer retention rate unveiled

Posted by Hari Krishna

October 1, 2020

In our 28 years of journey, we have many times came across the common question of how we have managed to have 80% of repeat clientele in the luxuriant industry for such a long time?


Well, The answer is straightforward. At HK, we only focus on achieving excellence in what we do, whether it is manufacturing the diamonds or connecting with people.


We treat our clients like a friend who shares a strong emotional bond with them and to whom they can share everything without any hesitation.


Want to know more about it? Let’s crush this.

Unveiling the (not so) hidden charms

Our Culture – Ultimate Faith

Guided by strong values and generosity, we have built a culture that embraces the whole HK Family and sets Hari Krishna Exports apart from the other industry giants.


Faith is the competency that underlies all technical competencies of HK that support our vision and shapes the culture of Hari Krishna Group.


We believe that no organization can satisfy their clients if the people of the organization are not satisfied. So, at HK, we ensure that the work environment, business policies & practices should be infused with Faith, positivity, and the warmth of a family.


It builds abiding trust amongst our customers, employees, bankers, suppliers, well-wishers, and all those belonging to the HK Group.


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We also believe that we should give back to society, that’s why we conduct CSR activities regularly. Apart from that, we have developed our charity arms in the form of Hari Krishna Charitable Trust and Dholakia Foundation.


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Our Diamonds

The unparalleled shimmer of our diamonds is the incredible result of our exceptionally talented people combining with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, modern infrastructure, and swift communication.


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Though Faith is the core of the HK culture, HK reigns on the cornerstone of Aptitude, Innovation, Togetherness, and Hard Work.


We upgrade ourselves with the advanced technology in all business practices, including our manufacturing process, communication channel, customer engagement & sales, and management of the group.


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The latest technology empowers us to get extraordinary results, a positive working environment promotes our natural aptitude for work, and a strong belief system sustains it.

Our Policy & Best Practices

Although Innovation and Hard work are hallmarks across all the functions and hierarchies at HK, Transparency is paramount in dealing with all our stakeholders. Just like the flute whose hollow interior helps one to look through one end to the other.


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At Hari Krishna Exports, these ideals are not just window-dressing or a lofty checklist, they are practiced on the ground. As we strongly believe that Faith is only born when you practice what you preach.


The best policy that reflects this thought is our Fair and Fixed Pricing System to ensure transparency in all business deals.


Hospitality and transparency in HK mark the exceptional customer services, which in turn ensure continuity in client relationships. 


That’s why we always say that we do NOT JUST COMMUNICATE with our customers. We CONNECT with them.


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Our business does NOT END with the customers – It STARTS with them

We have ingrained the words of the great Mahatma Gandhi in our culture that we are not doing a favor to the customers by serving them. They are doing a favor by allowing us to do so.


Innovation, commitment to excellence, transparency, consistent product quality, and intuitive customer service are the hallmarks of Hari Krishna Exports.


Explore our priceless rare inventory of diamonds reflecting our values in all its facets. You just have to register yourself on or download the app available on many platforms, including Android and iOS.


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