The Ultimate Guide to Knowing the Role of Facets in Diamond Brilliance

Posted by Hari Krishna

November 27, 2023

A diamond’s tendency to dazzle gives it seeming beauty to onlookers. Surprisingly, a diamond’s brilliance depends on how well it is cut. Diamond Facets, the precise cuts that form the shape, refract light throughout the diamond to give it a dazzling shine.


Our comprehensive guide on diamond facets explains the components of a diamond and what gives them their glitter.


What Are Diamond Facets?


Diamond facets are the flat, polished surfaces on a diamond. These facets are strategically arranged to maximise the reflection and refraction of light.


It results in the brilliant sparkle that diamonds are famous for. Facets are the secret behind a diamond’s dazzling display of light and colour.


What Are the Types of Diamond Facets?


Within the multifaceted world of diamond facets, there are three distinct categories:


Crown Facets


The upper portion contains crown facets. These include the table facet, star facets, and bezel facets. The table facet is the large, flat top facet, while the star and bezel facets surround it.


Pavilion Facets


The lower part, known as the pavilion, consists of pavilion facets. These include the main pavilion facets and the lower girdle facets. The main pavilion facets meet at the culet, and the tiny pointed facet is at the bottom.


Girdle Facets


The girdle, the narrow edge separating the crown and pavilion, features girdle facets. These diamond facets enhance the overall brilliance.


Types of Diamond Facets - Diamond Anatomy

Ideal Cut and Facet Arrangement


The key to a diamond’s brilliance lies in the meticulous arrangement and precision of its facets. The ideal cut is the masterstroke that optimises a diamond’s performance with light.


An exquisite diamond is born by ensuring that light is both internally and externally reflected. It offers a breathtaking symphony of fire and sparkle. This arrangement serves as the cornerstone of every diamond, ensuring its brilliance shines brighter than the rest.


Difference Between Facets and Shapes




Facets: Small, reflective surfaces on a diamond’s exterior enhance brilliance.


Diamond Shapes: Refers to overall outline or form, e.g., round, princess, emerald.




Facets: Interact with light for dazzling brilliance, fire, and scintillation.


Diamond Shapes: Determine geometric form, influencing light interaction.


Number and Arrangement


Facets: Vary in number based on the cut; arrangement crucial for optimal light reflection.


Diamond Shapes: Fixed number of sides or corners based on design (e.g., 57-58 facets for round).


Impact on Appearance


Facets: Enhance brilliance, critical for light reflection.


Diamond Shapes: Shape influences overall aesthetic appeal.




Facets: Customisable for unique cuts and designs such as emerald cuts, radiant cuts, or heart-shaped diamonds.


Diamond Shapes: Some variation within shapes, allowing for customisation.


Factors That Influence Diamond Facets


Several critical factors influence the quality and arrangement of facets. These include 


  • the diamond cutter’s skill, 
  • the diamond’s overall proportions, and 
  • the choice of cut


A well-cut diamond exhibits a harmonious balance in its facets, contributing to its brilliance.


Common Myths and Misconceptions Related to Facets


Over the years, numerous myths and misconceptions about diamond facets have come across. Some assume that more facets automatically equate to a more brilliant diamond. The quality of the cut and the proportions matter far more than the sheer quantity of facets.


The mistaken belief that all diamonds share a uniform facet arrangement is dispelled. The facet placement varies based on the diamond’s unique shape and cut. This individuality is what makes each diamond a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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