Hari Krishna Exports Set to Dazzle Diamond Extravaganza At Vicenzaoro 2024

Vicenza, Italy: In a spectacular preview of the upcoming Vicenzaoro 2024, Hari Krishna Exports promises a breathtaking display of natural diamond layouts, including necklaces, bracelets, earring designs, and couple diamonds, alongside the Guinness World Record-holding Eutierria Ring.


This avant-garde exhibition, to be held at Pavilion 2.1, Stand 130/131, from January 19–23, 2024, signifies the brand’s commitment to varied diamond layouts and environmental sustainability.


Hari Krishna Exports is set to astound at the show, presenting the iconic Eutierria Ring and an elegant couple of diamond layouts.


The brand’s commitment extends beyond aesthetics, with the initiation of Mission 102030, aligning with its goal to plant 10 million trees by 2030.



Hari Krishna Exports excels in innovation and sustainability and prioritises diamond traceability.


The company actively collaborates with top traceability platforms like iTraceIT, Everledger, and others, ensuring transparent origins for each diamond.


Italy, renowned for its emphasis on luxury and sophistication, provides the perfect backdrop for the brand to showcase its natural diamond layouts and commitment to sustainability.


The Italian market, synonymous with the refined taste of luxury, aligns seamlessly with the brand’s mission to offer exquisite diamond layouts. 


The networking opportunities at this prestigious event will foster collaborations on different levels, emphasising the importance of sustainable luxury in the industry.


The company’s participation underscores its dedication to innovative designs and its role as a responsible contributor to the global push for sustainable practices in the luxury market.


To emphasise their commitment to environmental responsibility, the company pledges to plant a tree for every visitor to its booth. Every visitor to the booth will contribute to this noble cause, symbolising a shared dedication to a sustainable future.


Aiming to leave an enduring impression at Vicenzaoro, the organisation seeks to captivate with mesmerising diamond layouts. Each tree planted symbolises a stride towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Every visitor will be gifted a handmade Matt Combo crafted by skilled women artisans from rural communities. This initiative showcases the brand’s dedication to empowering women and fostering CSR initiatives.

Vicenzaoro 2024 provides the perfect stage for Hari Krishna Exports to showcase its mastery of diamond layouts and innovative designs. Beyond aesthetics, the brand keeps introducing unique green initiatives, setting new standards for environmental responsibility in the diamond industry.


With the completion of 70 years of Vicenzaoro, the company marks another milestone, following successful showcases at prestigious events. The brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability has consistently set them apart in the industry.


About the company:

Hari Krishna Exports, a global leader in jewellery design and manufacturing, stands out for its ethical sourcing and 100% renewable manufacturing. With a “Mines to Market” approach, the brand ensures traceability and transparency in crafting exquisite diamond jewellery. Hari Krishna Exports is devoted to ethical business practices, which include using its solar power plant to power an entirely renewable manufacturing process.

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