The Lucara Brilliance – Introducing Beauty That Breathes!

Posted by Hari Krishna

February 11, 2021

HK Exclusive 30.15-carat D Triple X Round Diamond

Natural diamonds are a miracle of nature that happens deep inside the earth under billions of years of immense pressure and temperature.


At Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd., we work towards bringing life to this indestructible wonder through our artisanal skills and mathematical precision.


Let us take you through the entire journey of carving an incredible beauty of precious stone – The Lucara Brilliance by the meticulous work of an elite HK team.

Bringing life to the marvel unearthed

Sometimes all you need is the highest elements of intricate craftsmanship to decipher the shape of hidden fire in the rough stone.


When we got a 106.62ct rough diamond (with D color from the Karowe mine of Lucara Diamond of Botswana) in our hands, we believed something truly remarkable is going to happen.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit spread over a whopping 1 lakh square feet area in the Surat city of India, where a marvelous masterpiece of 30.15ct brilliant round-cut FL diamond got a life.


It accommodates over 8000 highly-skilled people meticulously working towards achieving excellence we all adore, in natural diamond cutting & polishing by utilizing high-tech machinery.


Let’s have a detailed look at how we saw a diamond in the rough and carved until we set it free.

Through the eyes of experts




Through their loupe, our team of experts analyzed the rough diamond deep within to find and plot all the natural imperfections/flaws to search for the maximum beautiful shapes it may yield.


After 17 days of meticulous planning using hi-tech machinery and 3D models, our expert gemologists came up with the optimum plan that could yield the maximum return on investment.


The 106-carat rough diamond was planned to give us a total of 17 different diamond shapes with Excellent cut-grade and D color in different clarity-grades.


Which includes 3 Round-cut diamonds (1 of 30.15 carat-sized), 5 Marquise-cut diamonds, 8 Pear-cut diamonds, and 1 Oval-cut diamond 




After the plan was finalized, our master team of diamond cutting marked that plan on the rough stone with Indian ink, indicating how it must be cut. Marking helps in utilizing the rough diamond fully.


After the marking was done, the professionals headed towards cutting the rough into separate pieces with the help of a state-of-the-art laser cutting machine. We call this step – sawing of the diamond.




It was the first step towards achieving outstanding scintillation. We call this step girdling or rounding as the diamond’s girdle is formed during this stage.


Our team of brilliant diamond cutters effortlessly rounded the edges of the rough diamond by grinding it against the spinning axles rotating in the opposite directions with its surface containing oil and diamond powder as only a diamond can cut another diamond.




At this stage, all our eyes were on achieving mirror-smooth facets of our master stone – Lucara Brilliance.


During our planning stage, we targeted to craft a 29.50ct brilliant round-cut diamond for the safer side.


Well, thanks to the

     expert minds of our craftsmen that starts working where the hi-tech machines stop,

     their skilled eyes, which could see the potential of achieving higher than what is expected,

     their graceful hands that work with mathematical precision leaving no room for any error,

we were able to fetch unmatched Flawless beauty of 30.15ct Round Brilliant cut diamond having D color.


Our highly-skilled team of diamond brillianteers worked intricately for 39 days and achieved greater heights of brilliance.


Final Inspection


It was a time to praise the outstanding work of 540 hrs by the great HK Family that resulted in vibrant beauty and lived upto the standards of what HK is known for – The Promise of High Quality.


Sending our masterpiece to the GIA for grading, it was again proven that the HK Diamonds reflects the sparkle of being honest to the core.


The 30.15ct masterpiece was graded as D color-grade, FL clarity-grade, and Triple Excellent (EX3) cut-grade by GIA using scientific methods.


The diamond’s country of origin, Botswana, has been verified directly on the Everledger Platform via the GIA Diamond Origin Report, which uses scientific matching to confirm a faceted diamond’s country of origin by matching it with the original rough.

Join us at the final unveiling of the true magnificence

Join us as we unveil the Brilliant Lucara Diamond with access to the Everledger platform on a VIP Zoom webinar.


As part of the event, participants will enjoy a conversation between HK, Lucara, Everledger, and GIA on the origins of the diamond, the importance of provenance, and how the Everledger platform empowers more trust and transparency in the industry.


Panelists of the live discussions: Leanne Kemp – Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Everledger | Eira Thomas – President & Chief Executive Officer, Lucara Diamond | Ghanshyam Dholakia – Founder & Managing Director, Hari Krishna Exports | Tom Moses – Executive Vice President & Chief Laboratory and Research Officer, GIA.


Live discussion: Wednesday, February 10, 2021 – 16:00 – 17:30 CET


Discussion sessions:


  • 15:55 – Join by clicking on the link in the Zoom invitation
  • 16:00 – The Brilliant Lucara Diamond and the Everledger platform
  • 16:10 – Panel discussion on origin, transparency, and sustainability
  • 17:00 – Q&A
  • 17:30 – End


See you at the launch!


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