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Posted by Hari Krishna

July 21, 2020

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Must-know Mobile App Features for HK Diamonds

What is an engaging mobile app without the features that resonate with the user’s needs?

Before developing the mobile app for our users, we needed to understand their pulse and know what they truly need

After a bit of research, we identified the following:

They needed complete information about the inventory available
to us

They wanted to know if we will be able to provide them with at-a-glimpse diamond detail

They also wanted details into what kind of diamonds are being rated high by the customers

Some customers needed a user-friendly and easy-to-comprehend app that can be used anywhere at any time

Our design and development team ensured that all these insights from our business customers along with their usage patterns were incorporated while developing the mobile app solution

Here, we have listed out the
HK Diamonds mobile app features that we believe are game-changer for the mobile app, and will also tell you in detail how they work. We aim to help you understand the app more, and use it in a better way.



1. Multiple Languages


Our customer base is vast and located in different countries where different languages are spoken. The main purpose of this app is to ensure that users can use the app in their language and engage better.

We have a multilingual app. We have considered a total of 8 languages when developing the app, based on our user’s location, and the type of users we have. These languages include English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German, and Hebrew.


2. Stock Offline Mode


The Internet can pose an issue in some cases, especially when businesses want to know about the diamonds that have been procured by you. To ensure smooth and seamless app usage, you need to ensure that your app works in offline mode as well. You need to present the stock and inventory collection to the user, even when their internet is not working. This way, they can easily access your stock when traveling to places with limited or no connectivity.


3. Market Trends


We share with you the latest market trends regarding the diamonds, the current portfolio, and other such things. We make sure you are in sync with the current trends and graphs for the diamond market.


4. Share Image, Videos, and Certs


We allow users to share videos, certifications, and even images related to the diamond with their peers to make the right purchases. This will help them make the right decision, and help convert immediately. This feature was included to help the users located in different parts of the world to make the decisions in real-time, and to be able to see the diamond and understand the exact shape, clarity, and other details.


5. Tap to Call your BDM


The app allows you to connect with the business development manager appointed to you. you don’t need to move out of the app to complete the call. We have a call button that can be tapped and the call will be connected to the concerned person, thus making communication fast and easy.


6. See your Purchase Graph


We have a dashboard that gives you insights into your past purchases, the current views, and even all the diamonds that are in your wishlist. You can see your purchase graph, and know how much you have invested and got a detailed month-wise view into the purchases. If you want to know if the purchases are in a particular year or for a particular period, then you can even customize the graph.


7. Touch ID


This feature enables you to log in instead of your login ID and password. One-touch authentication for doing transactions through its mobile app.


8. Advanced Search Bar


We offer recommendations while you are typing in the search bar to make searches quick and easy. We aim to extend advance search solutions that make finding a diamond or the related inventory easy for the end-user. So, when you are typing in a keyword, our search bar determines the next obvious word or keyword, and recommends it to you, which makes it easy for mobile searches. So, with minimum words, you can find the inventory you are looking for.


9. Speak and Search


Considering the world has moved towards AI and other intelligent technology, voice and visual searches are becoming essential. We have included a voice search function into our application, which allows for quick and easy search functions. Just hold the mike button, say the word, and the results will be displayed on the screen. This works best when you don’t want to type in so many words or are unable to type the keywords.


10. Suggestion to MD


Our company works in collaboration with our users. Our stakeholders hold prime importance to us, and their suggestions are valuable. We have a separate feature for suggestions to MD, where these suggestions are exclusively passed onto the managing director. So, if you feel there should be a change in the way the company works, or want some cultural change within the company, then you should use this feature.


11. Your Suggestions


We value your feedback. That’s why we have a bar that allows you to give your suggestions, which can range from the ways to improve our website and mobile app to help us resolve inventory issues. Your suggestions are always welcome.


12. Recommended Diamonds


Based on your past purchases, and the kind of diamonds you are generally interested in (which we gather from the purchases you have made and the search you conduct regularly), we offer you our recommendations. This list helps you know which diamonds can fit your bill or the diamonds you can purchase soon.


13. Stone of the Day


We have a dedicated stone of the day, based on various factors. You can easily view the stone of the day on the dashboard itself.


14. Exclusive Stone


If you want to know of the exclusive varieties of stones that we deal with, then you can check the exclusive stone feature. This will showcase all the new and impressive varieties of stone to you.


15. QR Code: Scan Diamond to See X-ray-


If you are interested in the X-ray images of the diamond and want to know the inner details, then you should scan the QR code for the diamond. All the related images and even the before and after images of the diamond will be available for view.


16. Virtual Tour of HK Manufacturing Facility 


Want to check out how our manufacturing facility works? Want to take a peek into our offices? Take the virtual tour of our manufacturing facility, and get an experiential view of how our people work and how a diamond gets made from a rough and unpolished stone.


Our mobile app is the one place where you can get a complete view of how HK diamonds work, and get a glimpse into our inventory. It is the one-stop solution for our user’s needs. We have incorporated the latest trends and technology to create the HK mobile app.

The one reason the app stands out could be attributed to the fact that it is easy-to-use and quite interactive. If you had an onboarding issue, then our blog attempts to resolve this problem, and get you started with using it

Download the
HK.CO mobile app – available on many platforms including Android & iOS and explore our sparkling inventory of the latest diamonds!

Please ask us at
sales@hk.co, what you think about the mobile app we have launched for our users.

A glimpse of our sparkling collections:
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