The Wait is Over. We Are Here to Reveal the Details Father: A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love

Posted by Hari Krishna

May 29, 2019

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They seem tough and they always have your back. Being a father is tough. Every father has a different way of showing their love. Some hardly show their emotions while, some are too protective.

They school you, they love you unconditionally, and make your dreams come true, even if that means they have to go through hardships. When they are tough on you, they are actually polishing you and making your life better.

It’s time to thank your father and shower him with gratitude for the life he has given you.

This Father’s Day, which also happens to be International Yoga Day, we have planned activity with an aim to make the bond stronger and the moment special for both, the father and their child.


We are announcing a special activity. Shower some love on your dad, and win an exciting prize.


Let’s take it step by step.


What made us come up with this activity?

If you have been following us for a while, we always believe in nurturing values and are a culture-driven company.

When we got started with talks on Father’s Day coming on the same day as Yoga Day, we wanted it to be special, as both are deeply rooted in our culture.

We wanted it to be special for the fathers who have raised such responsible people that have become a part of our life and company.

That’s why we decided it is time to reciprocate the love and show them how much we care.

What is the activity?

We are planning something special for the social media, as that’s where most of the celebrations take place.

Take a picture/video with your father and post it on your social media profile.


What kind of picture/video?

As it is also Yoga Day, we would love it if you can post a picture/videoof you and your father in a particular yoga pose.

However, if you feel that’s not something for you. simply post a picture/video of you hugging your father.

We are celebrating two beautiful days and connecting it with family and unconditional love. Our purpose is to bring people closer to their families and nurture emotions. Health and family go together, and this beautiful day, which celebrates two amazing occasions communicates it best.

So, here’s a brief on the rules for this activity:

  • Take a picture or record a video of you and your father. Either you celebrate Yoga day with a yoga pose or, you are hugging your father in the picture/video
  • Upload it to your social media handle
  • Tag @hkdiamonds (Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd.) in the post
  • The person to get maximum likes will be awarded the winner tag. We will award up to three winners, sorted by the number of likes.
  • We are planning this activity for 21st June 2020 between 00:01 and 23:59. We will not accept any entries before or after the time limit specified.
  • We will announce the winners on 22nd June 2020.

The winners- first, second and third spot, will be awarded with exciting and valuable prizes from the Kisna Diamond Jewellery – the most trusted brand.

Who can participate?

Anyone and everyone can participate in this contest. We are dedicating this contest to fathers around the world. Whether you are associated with HK Diamonds as an employee, customer or any other stakeholder or, you are not associated with us, you can participate and win. The idea is to emphasize on well-being and promote celebrations and bond with dads.

Terms & Conditions

  • The right to decision remains with the organiser. There will be no change in the decision communicated by the organiser.
  • The winners will be decided based on likes alone.
  • The company has full rights to modify the rules at any point.
  • The winners will have to declare their details as requested by the company to be eligible for the prize.
  • The participant cannot claim for compensation in case the activity is canceled on any grounds.
  • If the participant tags us on more than one social media platform, then we will only count one account where the picture or video received maximum likes. We will not consider total likes of all platforms.
  • The participant must need to tag @hkdiamonds (Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd.) in his/her post.
  • The intellectual property and related assets created or used as part of this activity will not be used for any commercial purposes by the organizer. The sole purpose of the activity is to celebrate the days and create a feeling of togetherness.

Take a Pledge

Let’s not limit our love towards our fathers on this day alone. Let’s make him feel special every single day because, whatever he has done is to shape our lives and make us a better person.


Your father deserves it!


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