The art of networking in the International Diamonds & Jewellery Trade Shows

Posted by Hari Krishna

September 3, 2020

Just like any other industry, the Diamond Trade Shows are streamlined platforms for the businesses of the whole gem and jewellery industry such as Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Jewellery designers showcase their masterpieces.

The diamond trade shows are usually not open for all. They can only be attended by the companies’ representatives in the gem and jewellery industry and related businesses such as the jewellery packaging and cleaning industries, industry analytics & support companies, and media.

These gem and jewellery trade shows can be at the regional, national, or international levels by the respective trade unions. 

Sometimes these trade shows include seminars and workshops on industry trends, trade reviews, possible challenges, marketing, etc. 

Hundreds of diamond trade shows are arranged each year in the world, combining all the levels. These shows are usually held where the diamond industry represents the major part of the local economy, such as Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, India, Israel, London, New York, etc. 

These shows provide the best platform for both exhibitors and buyers to explore the rarest gems and best jewellery designs that are not readily available. 

Also, these exclusive trade shows are most favorable to forge a new partnership, networking, and consolidate business relations besides being entertaining, exciting for attendees. 

So, let’s figure out why every company belonging to the gem and jewellery and affiliated industries should attend these trade shows and what they should expect as an outcome of attending?

Benefits of attending the International Gem and Jewellery Trade Shows

While it sometimes might be over the odds to attend the International gem and jewellery trade shows, below are some remarkable benefits and critical reasons why attend these shows:

Business dealings

On the exhibitor side, it is the most obvious reason to attend these trade shows as they offer an opportunity to reach the quality mass of buyers in person and discuss the deals. Trade shows are a rare opportunity to build a strong foundation for future dealings with many potential buyers.

On the other hand, for buyers, these trade shows are the best place to buy the rarest of the rare gemstones and best designs in jewellery which are very difficult to buy in the market. The reason being, in these trade shows, the exhibitors showcase their best artwork to their potential clients. 

You can also compare the products of different stores in terms of quality, price, post-sale-services, etc., easily in one place.


Many of these diamond trade shows offer tremendous educational resources and events on different topics to the attendees, such as panel discussions, questioning, guest lectures, etc. So the attendees can go for a particular event relevant to their businesses.

Latest industry trends & analysis

Many prestigious gem and jewellery trade shows invite industry experts, key influencers, or successful figures in the industry to share their experiences, gain knowledge about the industry’s current situation, how to deal with the upcoming challenges, etc.

As a significant number of potential clients and competitors are present at the event, many companies find trade shows the best place to launch their new products and services to stir the environment by putting the finger on the pulse of something exciting in the industry.


The international gem and jewellery trade shows are the proficient way to consolidate your network in the industry by establishing new affiliations, strengthening the old ones, updating your address book, etc., with clients, peers, and other players in the industry.

These trade shows provide a unique opportunity for both formal and informal networking with others by arranging the evening programs of concerts, parties, etc., which is invaluable for attending them.

Speaking of networking, many people wonder how to enable a relaxed engagement with key industry players in a focused way to share experiences and gain new ideas. So let’s learn about the art of networking in these shows:

The art of networking in Diamond Trade Shows

Unlike pitching, networking is all about sharing knowledge, helping each other, discussing ideas, etc. Then you might be wondering how it is beneficial to us? Well, we are living in the information age, where sharing the information with others for their benefits can help you build the stronghold.

In the diamond industry, networking depends highly on the reputation of your company. So, one can build trusting and robust networking in this industry by empowering the people around you (whether they are associated with your business or not). It is the only way to encourage people in this industry to rely on you.

Trade shows provide a perfect platform to meet new people sharing common grounds with you. It is most likely that you meet compatible professionals, like-minded peers, or complimentary pros at booths, panel discussions, social events/parties, breakout sessions, etc. 

Initiate a discussion, ask questions about their products & services, understand limitations, challenges, and views about the industry trends. Gain confidence by listening to them and not by bragging about your company or achievements. Well, making conversation is also essential as you are not interviewing them, but it should be more organic and not forced.

Also, when you make a new contact, get their business card, and note the show name and date on the back, so that you don’t forget the person you are meeting, and also you will recall the link when you follow up with them in the future by seeing those details.

Upcoming diamond jewellery trade shows

You can network with the people of the gem and jewellery industry by participating in the upcoming jewellery trade shows of 2020.

Istanbul Jewellery Show in October 2020.

Jewellery & Gem Digital World in November 2020, popularly known as the Hong Kong Jewellery Show.

Jewellery Arabia Bahrain in November 2020.

Delhi Jewellery & Gem Fair in December 2020.

**Important Note: Considering the current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of the above-mentioned jewellery Trade Shows of 2020 will be held virtually. Also, the mentioned date is subject to change at the organizers’ discretion. We advise you to plan your schedule by verifying the details with respective authorities.

Meet HK in the premium gem and jewellery shows

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