HK Sportsmanship: We don’t just polish diamonds, we polish ourselves

Posted by Hari Krishna

August 29, 2020

“A learning organization is an earning organization.”

It has been the MANTRA of the Hari Krishna Exports throughout its journey of more than two decades towards excellence.

At HK, we only care about becoming proficient in what we do, and the success takes care of itself. 
In this process, Sports, in general, have played a significant role. An agile mind can function better, and an excellent state of mind can be best achieved by braiding sports in your daily routine.

How Sportsmanship echo in HK Family?

We promote a culture of employee wellbeing, and improving the health of the family of 8000+ employees, who are from 21 states & 361 villages all across India, is the top-most priority of the HK. 

At HK, we have in-house amenities such as Swimming Pool, Gym Facility, Volleyball Court, Cricket Ground, Kabaddi Ground, Meditation Room promoting sports culture in premises of all the 3 factories just like any MNC software firm. 
Before the COVID-19 outbreak, our daily routine at HK used to start with half an hour running training, and that prepared us for the Kisna Diamond Marathon organized by HK annually at HK Capital, Mumbai to promote the Clean India Mission. 
Yes, we have embodied both the CSR activities and Employee Engagement programs in HK. We organize 3 different categories of 21K (Half Marathon), 10K, and 6K (Joy Run) under the Kisna Diamond Marathon. Each year, we aim to increase the contribution we make to help our society.
The runners participate from HK Family and the surrounding local areas and gear up for the social cause of Swachh Bharat (Clean India Mission). That is the spirit of sportsmanship prevailing in the HK Family.
As we are a family, we care for each other. 
We provide proper medical facilities and water points at designated points all along the marathon route to attend to the runners. We reward winners with different offerings like Kisna Diamond Jewellery, Gift Hampers, Bicycles, etc.
By arranging the Kisna Diamond Marathon, we always aim to spread awareness about fitness & health and the noble cause of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ amongst the family of employees and masses.
Other than that, we have Hari Krishna Sarovar in Dudhala village (birthplace of pioneers of Hari Krishna Exports), where we all go for Water Sports Activities like Jetski, Boating, Yacht, Rop riding on the lake, Cycling on the rope, and many more.
It’s not like that HK endorses sports culture only on our premises. Still, we have supported the tour of four women bikers who have embarked on a 10,000 km long journey covering 10 nations in 36 days on the bike tour to propagate ‘Save the girl child and educate the girl child’ campaign.
And not only just supporting the tour, but to elevate their confidence, the employees of Hari Krishna Exports had organized an impressive bike rally to see off the women riders.
Of course, sports and fitness are a way of life at Hari Krishna Group, but to keep the spirit of competency alive, we organize Annual Sports Day in HK. This year, we have arranged that on 4th January 2020. Let’s see the highlights of the events.

A glimpse of Annual Sports Day at HK:

As said, we have organized Annual Sports Day with great zeal and fervor on 4th January 2020 at Air India Sports Club, Kalina, Santacruz (East). The contest was honored by the chief guests, Mr. Manoj Kotak (Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Mumbai), and Mr. Manjunath Singe (DCP, Zone-8, Mumbai).
The HKPL cricket tournament entailed games like Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Relay Race, Tug of War, and many more exciting sports. The whole HK family showed significant participation in all the sports and enjoyed much.
The winners were felicitated with champions trophies as a token of appreciation and exciting prizes such as cycles, sports accessories, etc.

How have sports improved the diamond manufacturing of HK?

In the past couple of years, we have seen a drastic change in all the industries’ work environment. 
We are a part of the wired-world, which facilitates more excellent connectivity and allows for work-on-the-go. But on the other hand, it also leads to more distractions and a loss of focus while working. 
In such a situation, we can get inspiration from the sports arena as any sport requires agility of mind and body, which is also necessary for the current environment. 
At HK, we draw upon the values and behaviors learned on the sports field in our work, which helps us in many ways, such as:

• Team Building

The way any sports team plays as a whole determines its chances of winning. Always the entire team in any sports works together as a single unit and for a single goal, where all players are aware of the positions of their fellows and anticipate their movements to execute them correctly to win the match.
The same applies to any organization, you may have the most incredible bunch of individuals who are experts in their respective fields, but if they can’t work well together, then the team won’t be worth a dime. Sports help us make a good team, which can work great together.

• Tolerance

In sports, one necessarily had to have the ability to maintain a relaxed and composed demeanor under tremendous pressure. Likewise, at the workplace, employees have to deal with many conflicting issues daily continually, and in that situation, staying calm is what the storm demands from them.

• Overcoming the challenges

Any sport teaches us an invaluable lesson, and that is the ability to be multi dexterous. That can also help us in the work environment, as any work of any industry demands from people to possess a diverse set of skills and adapt them quickly in any difficult situation.

• Learning attitude

Sports help us build a learning attitude. In sports, there is only one way to achieve perfection and perform better even in the adverse circumstances; and that is practice and more practice. 
Similarly, in the workplace, we have to perform best with less practice, which requires a sound and flexible mind with a healthy body.

• Self-discipline

One of the most important things that any sport instills in athletes is discipline and compliance with rules. Similarly, in working premises, a strict sense of discipline and adherence to regulations is critical, to work as an organization with a common goal, and sports help us to develop self-discipline.

• Integrity

Another crucial similarity between the work environment and the sports arena is the need to uphold a robust code of conduct and high moral values/ethics, to maintain integrity and transparency in all business dealings.

Teamwork divides tasks and multiplies the success

As the work environment, today has become more volatile, where you need to have a strong Emotional Quotient besides creativity and productivity.
We need to focus on the holistic development of the people and make policies to motivate employees and perform at their optimum levels of physical, mental, and emotional health. And what could be better to achieve this balance than sports?
We at Hari Krishna Exports believe that fitness is the key to achieve a healthy body with a healthy mind. And playing sports leads to balanced mental and physical growth.
The whole HK family is very enthusiastic about sports. That is why we have grown creative intellect in all of us, which led us to success.

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